Happiness is the thing we want to steal from every corner of our life. We run behind it. A beggar and Mukesh Ambani run with equal fever to be happy. But we really do not know what the happiness is. I too did not know. But once I got married, I came to know on very next day that what the happiness was. But then it was too late. The train had left the platform and I was open to all the vagaries of weather. To day I earnestly believe that my marriage was the triumph of my imaginations over my intelligence. I had imagined a heaven on the earth. I doubt, now, that I might have been mentally unstable in those days.


Being a topper in college examinations, I had sincerely believed that I was a wise me, a man without an iota of foolishness. But that was my perfect illusion, as I was unaware that there was a splendid fool in me. I was to be proved as one of the greatest fools in the world. The accident occured : I met a woman. She was so intelligent that during our long love affair, she did not let me know about my unwise illusions, until we signed the marriage bond. The ladies are good at keeping secrets, you know. She kept telling me that I was a man of no fault. And when the first month of our marriage was over, she found out a truckload of faults in me. While tearing a page from daily calendar, she would find out a fresh defect in me. Had I not been married, I would have never known how irresponsible, irregular, rude, immodest, and ignorant I was. These are the adjectives I have earned during the first month of my married spell.  Continue Reading>>>>